Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) is an African youth centered non-profit organization that provides practical, values-based leadership development, mentorship, governance and livelihoods training to promising young Africans, so that they can become positive agents of sustainable social, economic and political transformation in society.

At ELF, we believe that the young people are the core of society and our youth leadership programmes engage them in the formative stages of their lives.

Our Work

We run high impact leadership development, governance and economic empowerment programmes aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders to spur transformation in their communities. Most of our fellows who fall in the 18 to 35 age bracket, learn about self-awareness, leadership skills, life skills, storytelling, community service, human rights and participation, communication, personal branding and entrepreneurship, among other modules.

Our Impact

ELF programmes are designed to enhance individual and collective agency. Over 7,000 young people have benefitted from our programmes in both urban and rural areas. Many ELF fellows are involved in leadership initiatives and are actively engaging policy makers and influencing policies at the regional, national and county levels.

Our Thematic Areas

Our programmes fall under the following broad thematic areas: Leadership development, governance and economic empowerment.

Our Vision
A dignified society with values-based leaders
Our Mission
Our mission is to promote values-based leadership through training, mentorship, coaching and exchange programmes for young people.
Our Core Values

  1. Integrity- We can be trusted to keep our promise
  2. Servant Leadership- We approach leadership as a service
  3. Teamwork- Together we achieve more
  4. African Dignity- We are proud of our African identity
  5. Excellence- Only the best is good enough for Africa

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Excellence: We commit to observing high quality standards in all our engagements
  2. Responsibility: We commit to taking charge of decisions
  3. Innovation: We do things differently in all our interventions
  4. African pride: We build and appreciate our African origin and culture
  5. Partnership: We thrive in partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals

Our Memorandum and Articles of Association states that the objects for which the Foundation is established are: –

  1. To support leadership development and undertake training and capacity building activities for leaders in any sphere of society as may be found appropriate from time to time and to promote the growth and development of leadership development institutions in Kenya aimed at (but not limited to) equipping Kenyans with the resources and manpower necessary for promoting development within Kenya and for poverty eradication in order to foster economic and social growth;
  2. To promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support the evolution of visionary, committed, selfless, uncorrupt, knowledgeable, competent and transformational leadership in the public, private, and civil society sectors in Kenya;
  3. To promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support civic education activities in the areas of democracy, social justice, good governance and to promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support advocacy activities in relation to all areas of public policy in Kenya;
  4. To promote, facilitate and assist in the equipping of young people in Kenya and elsewhere through workshops, lectures, roundtable discussions and related forums of every kind and description.