The country is currently in a very engaging conversation regarding a new competency based curriculum. Every stakeholder in the education sector is looking towards how to blend into the system changes. But first, do we understand what the CBC is.

The competency based curriculum refers to a new system of education to be adapted after the 8-4-4 which lays an emphasis on the learner practically developing skills and knowledge and applying the competencies to real life experiences. The Kenya Institute of Education designed the program that was launched by the ministry of Education in 2017.

The goal towards the change in curriculum is to equip learners with quality education for social, economic and political growth. It seeks to address some of the failures of the 8-4-4 whose ability to churn out a successful workforce and create a positive socio-economic impact has been in contention. The current graduates of the system fail to display characteristics of education for self reliance calling for recalling of the system of education in the country. Currently, the system is modeled in a way students reproduce the knowledge acquired in class instead of design thinking to develop solutions with the knowledge acquired.

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According to the human capital theory, educating a county’s population yields higher productivity of labour and provides the much needed skills essential for industrial development, higher wages and national socioeconomic and political growth (Fagerlind and Saha’s, 1989). The new system therefore seeks not only to be more relevant to Kenya as a country, but also to align with Africa’s agenda 2063 seeking to address youth unemployment in the continent through revolution of skills and knowledge.

The goal can and will be achieved when we have different stakeholders on board. We call upon the youth to actively engage in understanding the new curriculum.It is important that during its implementation, there is adequate resources allocated to the training process and provision of necessary material. One core that will make implementation and evaluation is ensuring conclusive engagement with all the partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

It is therefore important that each individual is engaged to ensure the success of this process in the country.