The Programs

We use various active learning activities to create awareness on diverse issues facing the country, Africa and the world at large.

We train youth on leadership, governance and life skills and inspire them to build platforms necessary for active participation in the development and governance of the continent.

The Programs

01. Leadership Development Program

Our flagship Leadership Development program is at the core of the founding vision of ELF-Africa: a conviction that leadership matters, and our belief in the potential of values-based leadership to deliver social, economic and political transformation for the benefit of individuals, communities and nations.

The Program

02. Governance & Civic Engagement Program

We envision good governance as the responsible conduct of public affairs including but not limited to the prudent management of public resources, processes and institutions for the greater public good. We believe that building democratic, accountable, and inclusive systems and institutions is essential to increasing trust between citizens and leaders, transforming communities and achieving sustainable development, especially in Africa. We recognize that together, responsive leadership and meaningful participation by civically conscious citizens can reduce unequal access to public goods and improve service delivery at all levels.

03. Economic Empowerment, Livelihoods & Opportunity Program

The Economic Empowerment, Livelihoods & Opportunity program at ELF-Africa draws from our belief in the value of work as a source of livelihoods as well as a matter of human dignity. With a deteriorating youth unemployment situation and rise of the gig economy, the EELO program seeks to increase youth access to opportunity and improve employability, retention and professional growth through training in essential soft skills (e.g. navigating interviews, negotiating benefits, financial literacy), building meaningful networks, and providing coaching, mentorship and peer learning.