The Programs

We use various active learning activities to create awareness on diverse issues facing the country, Africa and the world at large.

We train youth on leadership skills and inspire them to build platforms necessary for active participation in the development and governance of the continent.

The Programs

01. Leadership Development

We provide mentorship, development and leadership skills to the youth through:

  • Six month high impact training facilitated by industry experts
  • Granting them access to role models
  • Internship (job) placement and exchange programs in Kenya and abroad
  • Support of alumni driven community initiatives

The Program

02. Representation through Policy Research and Advocacy

We engage in shaping policies that will inform government programs and resource allocation.

We work in partnership with organizations that make minority issues mainstream and monitor the implementation of programs.

03. Democratic Governance and Civic Engagement

We equip young people with knowledge and skills to effectively participate in governance and policy processes. Having active citizens who participate in shaping their own destinies and the destiny of their nations is critical for sustainable development.

The program

04. Champion National Cohesion by facilitating Dialogue

We instill patriotism and celebration of ethnic diversity in Kenya by partnering with complimenting bodies in civic education and media spaces as event hosts, content speakers and training facilitators. Peace and non-violence training and simulation is also conducted especially for student leaders in institutions of higher learning.