The Economic Empowerment, Livelihoods & Opportunity program at ELF-Africa draws from our belief in the value of work as a source of livelihoods as well as a matter of human dignity. With a deteriorating youth unemployment situation and rise of the gig economy, the EELO program seeks to increase youth access to opportunity and improve employability, retention and professional growth through training in essential soft skills (e.g. navigating interviews, negotiating benefits, financial literacy), building meaningful networks, and providing coaching, mentorship and peer learning.

Our key assumption is that more often, formal education does not provide practical, relevant and adequate preparation to enable graduates navigate the complexities of the workplace, whether formal or informal. By instilling the right attitude, knowledge and skills, our interventions improve job readiness and enable young women and men to enter, transition and thrive in the world of work across diverse sectors. While the primary target is out-of-school youth and recent graduates, the program also aims to support those transitioning between jobs.

Build and improve knowledge and skills ➡ Link to opportunities ➡ Continuous mentorship peer learning