Our flagship Leadership Development program is at the core of the founding vision of ELF-Africa: a conviction that leadership matters, and our belief in the potential of values-based leadership to deliver social, economic and political transformation for the benefit of individuals, communities and nations. ELF-Africa’s tri-dimensional training-mentorship-coaching approach to leadership development makes us stand out among peer organizations.

The LDP has three key components namely:

  • The six-module foundational training in leadership and life skills
  • The ELF-Africa Fellowship that includes institutional attachment, (or) completion of a capstone project based on a chosen fellowship track, and structured coaching and mentorship.
  • The ELF-Africa Links: connecting the past-present-future ELF-Africa changemakers

In addition to the structured training and fellowship, ELF-Africa provides on-demand, customized leadership development packages for interested entities and groups including schools, corporates, public institutions, who do not fall within the target niche of our programming.

iLead Fellowship