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We envision good governance as the responsible conduct of public affairs including but not limited to the prudent management of public resources, processes and institutions for the greater public good. We believe that building democratic, accountable, and inclusive systems and institutions is essential to increasing trust between citizens and leaders, transforming communities and achieving sustainable development, especially in Africa. We recognize that together, responsive leadership and meaningful participation by civically conscious citizens can reduce unequal access to public goods and improve service delivery at all levels.

The GCE program at ELF-Africa seeks to amplify the voice and equip young women and men with the knowledge and skills, values and networks required to effectively, meaningfully and confidently participate in, and influence governance and policy processes across the multiple spaces they occupy, be it virtual or offline platforms, national or county levels, public or private sector.  More specifically, the program prioritizes interventions that promote the realization of:

  • Effective devolution including effective and inclusive service delivery
  • Democratic governance including just elections, accountability, participation and voice
  • Integrity and ethical leadership
  • Equality and non-discrimination including equality of opportunity and equality before the law
Husika Program
Tunaweza Program
Y_D Symposium