The ELF mentorship program is a six month program that seeks to equip youth and young adults with transformative leadership skills through training, mentorship and coaching. Each individual is trained in various leadership areas to enable them discover the self, connect with others and impact society progressively. The broad themes covered in detail every month include the following;

  1. Self-awareness – personality tests and storytelling are incorporated
  2. Leadership skills – 7-habits of highly effective people and other leadership-related topics
  3. Gender and Leadership
  4. Public speaking/ debate and personal branding
  5. Good governance and ethics + Community Service
  6. Pan-Africanism and the history of Africa
  7. The history of Kenya + Constitution and Constitutionalism
  8. Body-Soul-Mind-Spirit (Achieving balance in life)
  9. Social Entrepreneurship
  10. Mentorship – all fellows in the program get paired up with mentors
  11. and other relevant disciplines