Patience Nyange is a communications and media engagement specialist with over 9 years’ working experience. Currently, She is a Senior Human Rights Officer (Office of the Chairperson) at the Kenya National Human Rights Commission- a constitutionally mandated body keen on safeguarding and promoting human rights in Kenya. She supports the Chairperson in her role and also support the Communications department with a view of ensuring message consistency, impact and positive change within internal and external publics.

She has extensive experience with multi-stakeholder communication initiatives aimed at using communication as a tool for behaviour change, public engagement, state- society interaction and participatory community development. She brings media analysis, project design and evaluation skills and her academic grounding in communication and international relations to illuminate issues and expose gaps and possible intervention spots.

As a communications facilitator, she models the advantages of bringing a systems approach to communications fully cognizant that we cannot change structural enablers of poverty without changing our perceptions of the silence around the same.

Over the years, She has developed a passion for the reflective and evaluative practices that enable institutions and senior policy actors to think about the place that communication and strategic messaging plays in their work, learn from it and integrate that learning. She has also been able to establish a mentorship program and support a few volunteering schemes which provides an opportunity for young women in the communication and media sector to clarify their contribution and excellence.
She is keen on opportunities that will expand her impact at a larger scale and bring her into new frontiers of knowledge building and impact. The field of human rights and good governance is rapidly changing and in line with this, she sees herself making a greater contribution in this field.