Marvin Kimani

Born in Portreitz and raised in Laikipia, Marvin is son to Mr. and Mrs. Kimani who raised him with godly values and a sincere work ethic.

He holds a Finance major degree and is a fellow of various programs including Leadership For Change, Africa Biblical and Leadership Initiative, IFES: Mentoring for transformation and making an impact in Africa, all of which have spurred him to be champion for economic and social progress in Africa.

To this end, Marvin is passionate about Pan Africanism, transformational leadership, good governance, and sustainable development

He is a knowledge-driven person who believes one minimizes errors in life when they know better and act better. He enjoys the exchange of ideas.

Time away from work, Marvin gets pleasure from bird watching, gardening, traveling and reading.

He has worked with FOCUS Kenya and joined ELF Africa as a Finance Associate.