Katindi Sivi-Njonjo

Katindi Sivi-Njonjo is an author, researcher and futures consultant. She is the founder and lead consultant at LongView Consult, a socio-economic research, policy analysis, foresight strategy and training firm that works to enable others to understand possible futures that may occur in order to strategically help prepare for an uncertain and rapidly changing world.


Katindi has pioneered various foresight processes and authored publications on women’s future in Africa, the future of civil society in Kenya, and the future of Kenya’s extractive sector, among others. She is currently leading a research on Africa’s youth trends by 2060 which will inform the possible scenarios Africa might face given the youth demographics for The Africa we want project.


Her work has contributed to the conceptualization of various national programs and policies as well as influenced organizational strategies both nationally and internationally. Katindi is currently a Doctoral candidate at Regent University in Virginia studying strategic leadership and foresight.