In a series of pre-election engagements of young people in Kenya’s 2017 elections, IFES Kenya through its IFES-GAC program proved that beyond developing avenues and platforms of participation and interest among young people in the electoral, public and political spaces; there was among other needs the want for structured mentorship sessions on various topics among them self-development and economic empowerment and impacting their communities.

It is upon this premise that IFES Kenya under the IFES-GAC program partnered with Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF), Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) – a Leadership training, mentorship and coaching platform that concerns itself with growing the next generation of value-driven and sufficiently tooled leaders for transformative change in communities throughout the Global South.

ELF got into contract with IFES Kenya on this program to mentor a group of 40 select young people aged between 18 and 30 years’ old who had been part of a bigger group dubbed the Campus Ambassadors.