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Anything is Possible; Dare to Dream

By Stella Cheboi ‘Life is a tune, dance to it’. In one year, we all encounter different experiences: – For instance, my 2021 was good, but this doesn’t mean it was easy. I had a balanced share of great, horrific, and average experiences. I passed exams, I fell ill and had to undergo surgery, my […]

The Paradox of the Excluded Majority – The Case of the Kenyan Youth.

These are just but a few differences to show that the youth are not a nameless, faceless mass as they have been treated. Portraying youth as a homogenous group fails to recognize their complexity. It may also be counterproductive to solving key global issues such as fragility, lack of meaningful work opportunities, inequity, and violence even with substantial youth leadership.

UNAIDS warns of millions of AIDS-related deaths and continued devastation from pandemics if leaders don’t address inequalities

Courtesy of the UNAIDS UNAIDS warns of millions of AIDS-related deaths and continued devastation from pandemics if leaders don’t address inequalities UNAIDS issued a stark warning today that if leaders fail to tackle inequalities the world could face 7.7 million* AIDS-related deaths over the next 10 years. UNAIDS further warns that if the transformative measures needed […]

The Making of Transformative Leaders

Leadership has and remains to be the axle upon which proper human civilization spins. Unlike before, there is an increasing demand for leaders whose performance is above the ordinary. This has been occasioned by the ever pressing challenges of all time. It is against this backdrop that several leaders have come up to try to bridge the leadership gap. Contrary to the expectations, most of these leaders end up being driven by high appetites for self-gain and aggrandizement rather than service delivery.

The Good Politician

Lies, corruption, deceit and violence, these words punctuate the definition of a Kenyan politician, and this is putting it mildly. Honesty and decency have no place in the congested field of our politics. Infact, we have made peace with the fact that “politics is a dirty game.”  

Defending Democracy; My Four Lessons

By Billy Osogo Every 15th of September the United Nations rallies the world to commemorate the International Day of Democracy as an avenue to highlight the importance of participation of all members for the proper functioning of democracy. This day also provides an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the world, while acknowledging […]

ELF-Africa, Makueni County Agree to Establish a County Youth Caucus

Emerging Leaders Foundation-Africa and Makueni County have agreed to form a County Youth Caucus as an avenue for structured and more inclusive youth engagement in the economic and governance issues of their county. This caucus will also be a timely platform for the young people from County 017 to network amongst themselves and form mutual interest partnerships that will steer social-economic growth, community development and enhance accountability in the County.