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Women’s Equality Day: We Have Made Progress But…

By Stella Nderitu & Miriam Beatrice Women’s Equality Day was set aside on 26th August 1920 to appreciate the struggles for equal treatment of girls and women’s rights. It also presents an opportunity to reflect on the gains made and improvements needed to reach equality goals particularly on efforts around leadership and inclusion.    Great leaders can […]

The journey of a thousand miles

The journey of a thousand miles… It started with a formal phone call one Friday afternoon as I was carrying out my dignity project in Shaurimoyo. I was quite engaged but I excused myself to take the call. At first I thought maybe it is one of those sales people trying to sell me a […]


YOUTH & DEVOLUTION CONFERENCE 2018 “From Noise to Voice & Impact” 1.0 INTRODUCTION Kenya has a youthful population and currently, 60% of the populace fall below 35years of age. With high levels of unemployment, the youth are thus the most affected. This translates to high dependency ratio and low savings which impacts on the investments […]