Raising the Next Generation of Values-Based Leaders in Africa. 

We are an African youth centered non-profit organization that provides practical, values-based leadership development, mentorship, governance, and livelihoods training to promising young Africans, so that they can become positive agents of sustainable social, economic, and political transformation in society.


We are Africa-centred, values-based, and youth-focused.

We are Africa’s leading authority in holistic youth leadership development through training and mentorship.

Our MENTORSHIP approach to leadership development is what makes us different from other youth serving organizations.


We promote values-based leadership in Africa. That is our mission.

We take a holistic approach to youth leadership development by blending political and economic trainings with personal development trainings and mentorship.

Since 2012, when our Founder, Caren Wakoli, while attending a NEPAD meeting in Addis, saw the need to increase women and youth representation in decision making spaces, we have trained 4366 young people, who have in turn reached another 200, 000 young people across the continent, with over 100 community initiatives started by our fellows in Kenya.


A Dignified Society with Values Based Leaders


Our mission is to promote values-based leadership through training, mentorship, coaching and exchange programmes for young people.


  1. Integrity– We can be trusted to keep our promise
  2. Servant Leadership– We approach leadership as a service
  3. Teamwork– Together we achieve more
  4. African Dignity– We are proud of our African identity
  5. Excellence– Only the best is good enough for Africa


ELF is in the business of identifying polishing and supporting Africa’s Young leaders.
We prepare them to shape the future of the continent through our three-step model: Self Discovery, People Connection, Community Impact. We believe that to lead others, a leader must first lead themselves and discover their purpose and values.

We believe in creating a movement of change makers across Africa and providing them with linkages that will amalgamate their individual efforts.

We believe that empowered youth can cause impact in their communities, by starting their own initiatives as a response to an identified challenge.

Our Memorandum and Articles of Association states that the objects for which the Foundation is established are: –

  1. To support leadership development and undertake training and capacity building activities for leaders in any sphere of society as may be found appropriate from time to time and to promote the growth and development of leadership development institutions in Kenya aimed at (but not limited to) equipping Kenyans with the resources and manpower necessary for promoting development within Kenya and for poverty eradication in order to foster economic and social growth;
  2. To promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support the evolution of visionary, committed, selfless, uncorrupt, knowledgeable, competent and transformational leadership in the public, private, and civil society sectors in Kenya;
  3. To promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support civic education activities in the areas of democracy, social justice, good governance and to promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support advocacy activities in relation to all areas of public policy in Kenya;
  4. To promote, facilitate and assist in the equipping of young people in Kenya and elsewhere through workshops, lectures, roundtable discussions and related forums of every kind and description.