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About Us

Welcome to Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF)
ELF as we ofen call it, is a self-discovery journey that equips youth and young adults with knowledge and skills to enable them to constructively participate in governance and policy processes as well as to be ready for the job market. We have deliberately designed a leadership training and mentorship experience for individuals to impact their communities and for interns or entry-level workers to muster necessary skills to thrive in life.

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What was wrong?

The Problem

Kenya like many other developing nations is riddled with unemployment, nepotism, negative ethnicity, corruption, historical injustices, and greed that are crippling public service with issues of incompetence and corruption scandals.

The future is bleak leaving its citizens angry, fearful, apathetic and vulnerable with a hopeless reality staring at them.

This situation is compounded by bulge in the youth population that is not well catered for in terms of the country’s preparedness to avail opportunities for gainful employment aimed at turning these youths into productive members of the society

How it all came to be…

Our Responsibe

We are correcting the problems by investing in the development of young people who will step into positions of leadership with competence and national pride.

We work on empowering the next generation of leaders on their responsibility as citizens in engaging the national and county governments to ensure responsiveness to the needs and aspirations of young people.

We are playing our role in inspiring hope, justice, equity and trust in Kenya.

We envision “A dignified society driven by world class value-based leaders.”

What we are made of

Who We are

ELF is a leadership cradle that nurtures young African men and women with the potential and promise of championing for positive change at the grassroots level.
We provide a platform for young people to reach inside for something bigger to live for, and to thirst for knowledge and skills necessary to function optimally. We encourage them to dream of a better world for all humanity starting with the communities they call home.

Meet Professionals

Our Team

The ELF core team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals committed to all-rounded development of youth. They bring with them a wealth of experience in organizational development, self-development, mentorship, leadership, effective participation in governance, fundraising, grants management, politics, gender perspectives, advocacy and capacity building.

The combined team expertise includes youth development, program assessment and implementation, group work, behavior management, coaching, mentorship, facilitation, curriculum development, leadership development and sustainable development.

Leadership Development

The Making Of Leaders

ELF is in the business of identifying polishing and supporting Africa’s
Young leaders. We prepare them to shape the future of the continent
through our three-step model: Self Discovery, People Connection, Community Impact