Fueling creativity and imagination through art

There is something about putting a brush on canvas that can bring one’s energy and emotion to the surface.

Art therapy, be it painting, sculpting, or drawing, has the unique ability to help one express himself or herself better than words would have done.

This is what spurred Rehema Njoroge to start Creative Therapies and Intellectual Mapping, an organisation that works with children to spark intellectual and creative development. The intensity, concentration, and random mix of colours help the young ones be in touch with themselves.

Rehema, a Fellow of Emerging Leaders Foundation-Africa’s African Biblical and Leadership Initiative, saw a need in the society and responded to it. She realised that children were spending too much time indoors on televisions and computer games. She saw an opportunity to help the children pour out their thoughts and feelings into art. In a week, she hosts about ten children at her family’s residence in Thika, especially on weekends.

They also engage in modelling, playing with pebbles, mind games, Rubik’s cubes, and paintings. Art therapy can also help adults step into their creative thinking, as students from NLA University College in Norway found out. The students who were in the country to explore the country’s history and culture as part of their intercultural studies course improved their moods and boosted creativity as their brushes encountered pottery.

“Everyone is creative and there is nothing like bad painting,” Rehema assured the eager students as they mixed their colours on their pallets.

As they got to work, even those who were hesitant at first could be seen engrossed with concentration on their painting. True to Regina’s words, with patience, the students produced some amazing paintings.

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