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This year, I had several goals that I wanted to accomplish, breaking them down, they were a total of thirty-six (36) Goals. A month into the year I had already accomplished two goals, and the rest were a work in progress. When Covid-19 struck Kenya in March, most people across my circle started blaming everything on Covid19 and due to this, they did not put much effort on the goals.

This pandemic brought a first-time experience for most of us. Most of us had to work from home, institutions had to switch to online learning, a move that most were not ready for. Nonetheless, I finished the syllabus and did my university exams.

Lately, I have found myself thinking ‘What if Covid19 never happened?’  Would our country’s economy be better? Would people be happier? Would there be minimal unemployment for the youth and more opportunities available? Would people save and invest more? Would I have fully achieved on my goals?

We have individuals who have the gift of making the most out of every situation in life and find a way to thrive, these are the positive thinkers. There is a group of people who find something and someone to blame for every wrong decision made, or bad happenings in their lives. I challenge you to practice positive thinking and surround yourself with positive vibes and see what happens. While at this, here are a few questions to ponder on.

  1. How have you used your year? Have you learnt something new?
  2. To what extent have you blamed your current situation on the pandemic?
  3. In future, how can you make the best out of tough situations and continue dancing to the music like no one is watching?

I must admit that I did well on some aspects this year, and not so well in others. I did a good job blaming Covid-19 until I took time to do personal reflections. My accountability partners, mentors and coaches could not hear any of my excuses about Covid-19. This in turn triggered redirection and restructuring of some of my 2020 goals

Think of your 2020 goals and strike out what you managed to achieve. Have a personal reflection on the goals you did not manage to achieve and the hinderances that stood on the way. Take note of the lessons and use them as you prepare for the new year. This will help you plan better for next year.

The pandemic stroke hard, leading to job losses, pay-cuts, frustrations, and loss of loved ones. Despite all this, I tried to stand strong and maintain focus, Thanks to the peoole who journeyed with me. To my mentors, my Coach and my accountability partners, Cheers! I could not have done this without you.

As we step into the new year, here are a few tips on how we all can maintain focus and withstand all forces:

  1. Have accountability partners – Once you have a list of goals you would like to achieve in 2021, select a few individuals and share your goals with them for the sole purpose of holding you accountable (These should be individuals who believe in the beauty of your dreams and are not afraid to call you out or tell you the bitter truth if need be)
  2. Have a mentor – A mentor is someone who sees potential in you, and is willing to share their experience, skills, and life lessons to points you to the right direction. They cheer you on and have your best interest at heart
  3. Take an audit of your friends – Evaluate your friendships and let go of those that do not add value to your life, and as you do that, think of the kind of friend you as well. Are you good enough for those who associate with you?

Once this is done, analyse your wheel of life to have a quick check on how you balanced your life is, and pick lessons and list action points that will enable you live a more balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life in the year ahead.

As you close the year, exercise gratitude for life, health, love and always celebrate your small wins and milestones. This was a tough year, but here we are, full of energy, belief, positive and optimistic of the year 2021.

Happy New Year 2021!

Written By: Cheboi Cheboi, Programmes Officer at Emerging Leaders Foundation