“Give your very best wherever you are, whatever the time” Maurice Omondi

Maurice Omondi is an international expert with sixteen years’ experience working in the non-profit sector. He has served as an Executive Director, Interim Country Director, Regional Fundraising Advisor, Sponsorship Funding Coordinator and Program Officer. He has experience in leading non-profit organizations strategy, coordinating multicultural teams and resource mobilization. Besides, he is a husband and a father.

He enjoys providing mentorship in the areas of personal development, non-profit sector leadership and philanthropy.

To him, mentorship is about shared learning between the mentor and the mentee. “It is about the mentor sharing their career journey, the lessons they have learnt along the way and some tips on how they managed to overcome obstacles. It is also providing inspiration to the mentee and enabling him/her to discover their own path and pursue it to the fullest. On the other hand, the mentee gets a chance to share their own dreams while seeking for guidance where necessary. The mentor also gets a chance to learn new things from the perspective of the mentee.”

He is driven into mentorship by a deep desire to nurture and see every human prosper and excel while at the same time making the world a better place.

Maurice further states that everyone needs a mentor in the current world which is fast moving and changing. “One gets the opportunity to learn about themselves, their strengths and areas for improvement and what they can do to solve some of the pressing problems in the world right at the point where they are in. Many people expect someone else to solve the problems around them and end up not doing anything themselves. Through mentorship, an individual gets a chance to learn from the mentor new ideas, or a new dimension to a problem and then devise practical solutions to overcome them.”

Mentorship, however, is not all fun and laugh. Mentors experience low moments in the journey and so does Maurice. “I have experienced low moments especially when I am not able to immediately provide a solution to a mentee or when I am going through a situation which I feel might not be inspiring to mentees. I have figured out that I am human and therefore, experience ups and downs in life. I have thus shared my low moments with my mentees and in fact received what I can call reverse mentorship!”

His advice to new mentors, “Everybody has something to give out. You do not have to be in a big position somewhere to be a mentor. You do not have to be famous or have material riches. What you need to have is the readiness to listen and to offer advice when requested. Your otherwise ordinary life experiences might help someone else struggling with finding a bearing in life. You can share your own successes however small. You can inspire someone to embrace the common good irrespective of your religious or cultural background.”


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  1. Johnstone Ole Turana
    Johnstone Ole Turana says:

    Glad to read the brief. I have known Morris (we call him Moritzo – dates back to over 20 years) and his work is inspirational both as a leader and a follower!

  2. Michael Gachuhu Kihiko
    Michael Gachuhu Kihiko says:

    Humanity is groaning for helpless leaders. Vices such as greed have robbed creation of the best they can enjoy from the beautiful universe.

    • Michael Gachuhu
      Michael Gachuhu says:

      I first met Maurice when we were in lower primary school nearly 35 years ago. We were adventurous and enjoyed our time together. Am happy for his contribution to humanity

      • Maurice Omondi
        Maurice Omondi says:

        ‘…Growing up as a child in Kericho, the whole world was under our feet. We scavenged for knowledge- literally read all novels, comics, text books etc that could be read in the children library. We mimicked some of the characters in Alfred Hitchcock Books, the three investigators. When done with reading the books in children section- we asked to be allowed into the adults section…” Thank you Michael

  3. George Oginga Oduor
    George Oginga Oduor says:

    A true testimony of Maurice. I worked with Maurice and I found him a great leader and inspirational. He can be a great mentor.


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