Ruth Kimeu: Be a River not a Reservoir

Ruth Kimeu is a trained teacher, who taught for 9 years before becoming a Chartered Insurer where she has been for the last 9 years. She is a mentor in the corporate leadership and life success field. 

For Ruth, mentorship is about adding value to others and helping mentees discover and re-discover their rooted greatness. It also involves improving mentees discover their potentials and passions by asking them questions that invoke and propel them to act. “Touching young people’s hearts, impacting the world and making the world a better place for generations drives me as in my mentorship journey.”

“My mentorship journey has been an uphill task. It has given me great learning experiences, opened a door to a life of significance with fulfillment. I also learnt, if I have to add value to my mentees, I have to constantly grow myself,” Ruth.

“I saw a mentee’s mental attitude change; We had a challenge to read/listen to audio of a certain book in 7 days, by day two, the mentee was more than halfway! I was beaten to the game,” Ruth reminisces as she explains one of her great moments in mentorship.

In her 3 years of mentorship at ELF, Ruth also been able to understand the different personality temperaments view of life and appreciated each one of them as none is superior to the other. She has also discovered and appreciated the use of social media to connect with young people.

Her mentorship journey has not been an easy one, she has had to endure a few challenges along the way. Being a full-time employee, she has had time constrains along the way as at times she has to travel around meeting mentees who are within proximity. “Sometimes I am not able to travel to meet personally (face to face) mentees who are residing miles from Nairobi,” she adds.

Another major challenge that she has faced along the way is having to hold the hands of her mentees even when she is facing difficult/low moments in her life. Managing her personal crisis moments and staying afloat has not been easy, but she has managed to hold on.

Her advice to professionals interested in mentorship, “First time mentoring is scary, but action kills the fear. Speak with other mentors to support and help build your confidence. Each one of us has some valuable experiences to share with others. Someone gave us a helping hand in life to be where we are now. Mentorship is highest form of giving since you do not expect it back. Giving is more fulfilling than getting. Be a river not a reservoir. Give, and give and give more and leave seeds of greatness in this world.”

Her favourite quote; ‘You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want’

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    Great job Ruth. I like what you have said that, each one has a valuable experience in which they can share. Also that as mentors we need to keep learning & developing ourselves as we cannot give what we do not have. Keep it up!

  2. Brian Mutiso
    Brian Mutiso says:

    Ruth is such a pretty soul raising us to grow. I am of the mentees in her team and for sure i cant compare myself with myself of last year. She buys my accessories and apple products, what a mentor.. CONGRATULATIONS RUTH🎊🎉

  3. Sande
    Sande says:

    This is a personality who teaches what she believes, is and practices. Having known her as a teacher, she is resilient and highly focused as well well as a great inspiration to many.


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