halima dube; “i lead with conviction”

‘My leadership journey began in January of 2018 when I decided to join the Emerging Leaders Foundation programme. This decision ignited a transformational leader in me: a leader who is keen on the success of all, a leader who has at heart the values and vision to help others succeed -from coworkers, organizations, neighborhood, community and country at large; a leader who is inclusive, strong yet caring, understanding and noble.

Through Emerging Leaders Foundation, I have gained the confidence to start up my own Company; a Social Enterprise ‘Centre for Global & African Contemporary Entrepreneurship’ that seeks to consult and promote Entrepreneurial Development in all aspects. I have also gained the necessary skill to lead various organizations and institutions in different capacities. Through a Corporate Governance training conducted by NEGO (International Centre for Corporate Governance) and initiated by Emerging Leaders Foundation, I have been able gain the mental dexterity that has seen me sitting in boardrooms such as the Women Care Foundation and that of Langata West School among many other roles. Consequently, I coordinate Forum for African Women Educationalists-Kenya Chapter activities within Nairobi Region. Recently, I joined the American Women Association Community Development Committee where I will be spearheading community projects to help develop the nation in terms of community work.  As a Doctorate in Business Student at the University of Nairobi, I pride myself in helping those who are not accustomed to being included. I am working to build bridges of understanding, commitment and affection as I progressively transform myself and those around me.

My message to any person young or old would be to consistently persist in all aspects of their lives be it spiritual, economic, physical or emotional.  In whatever they do, small or great in magnitude, let them never give up; except to convictions of integrity, honor and righteousness.’


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Halima Dube Ursuna

Cohort 4

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  1. M'mbetsa Ngome
    M'mbetsa Ngome says:

    Mashaa Allah!
    this is so inspiring, keep the leader in you shining, there is beauty in living ones dreams and standing firm. Congrats for such great strides that you have made this far, May Allah Jaalafi’ulaah grant you more blessings and hidayah for everything you do, say hi to FAWE team if you know SRHR trainer by the name Gertrude, salimia. Kazi nzuri @ELF


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