Hillary Omuono joined Emerging Leaders Foundation in 2017, he was part of a group of students whom we had recruited in the run-up to the elections to become ambassadors of good governance.

Today, Omuono runs an organization called G-SETI which donates school uniforms and geometrical sets to school going children besides offering mentorship and counselling to them. He chose to work with Primary School children, arguing that a lot of attention and focus has been given to High Schools and Colleges at the detriment of the little ones.

What started as a Facebook post out of a need he had identified in one of the local primary schools he had visited, has today translated into more than 500 pupils receiving geometrical sets and visits to over 50 schools.

He says that, “ELF introduced me to my true north and allowed me to think as a solution provider. I can no-longer wait for someone else to come and solve the challenges around me, I must be pro-active at all times.”

While talking to the Standard Newspaper he said, “G-SETI has opened doors for me and given me exposure that I wouldn’t have if I decided to hole myself in books. I have traveled and networked with different personalities.”

Hillary Omuono embodies the quality of our alumni; we are polishing young African women and men to become PIONEERS of their own destinies, SERVE their communities and be committed to VALUES in all their endeavors.

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  1. Awuor Wenwa
    Awuor Wenwa says:

    Wow. From one school to over 500 school. This is indeed a good illustration of the saying ‘ a journy of 1000 miles begins with one step. It also puts to perspective one popular clarion call ‘chak achaka’ (just begin) just make the first step. At the University of Nairobi we are implementing a progam dubbed ‘Elimika Uajibike’ (borrowing from the 3rd stanza of our national anthem Ee ndiyo wajibu wetu) which aims at getting the youth to be responsible citizens and to play an active role in the governance process. hold their leaders accountable, actively participate in the county public participation fora and ensure that their voice is heard. I would be interested to learn more about your programs.


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