What is said dies with the people, what is written goes beyond a generation. It is on this note that we kicked off the fourth session of the ABLI Mentorship training at Metta on 14 Riverside Drive.

After the session, one of the mentees commented “It was a good reminder of the essentials of writing, sometimes we forget the basics.”, yet another added,” My writing speaks about me,”. The facilitator reminded the group that writing is not a new thing as even the cave men wrote on each other’s walls, he impressed upon them that the models of writing might have changed but its relevance remains at the core of leadership development more so today.

On the social media front, it came out that we are in the ‘New news society’ where information is shared instantly. It was observed that many employers today turn to social media while recruiting their staff, hence the participants were given tips on how to build an impressive online profile. “It’s important to identify an objective in social media engagement” remarked one of the mentees.

Adiema Adiema from the Kenya National Debate Council trained our youths on constructive and concise debating techniques. He asserted that leaders will always be required to debate on issues and sometimes they will even be judged by their ability to debate, Wagae, one of the mentees speaking later said,” Let your speech be better than silence or be silent”

Perhaps the most passionate and thrilling moments came at the tail end when we were training on public speaking, we got the mentees into two groups and they practiced effective public speaking against each other, most them overcame their fear of speaking in front of crowds and Kavesu even resolved,” telling my own story in a presentation will help in effective public speaking.”

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