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Youth and Politics

The youth in Kenya make up at least 75% of the country’s population, a number that is not reflected in representation in elective positions. From the last general election, young people elected in parliament are only a paltry 6.5%. This is so even though many young women and men are actively involved politically in universities but remain largely disillusioned with the same political leadership at the national level…Read More

About Us

ELF is an African non-profit organization that provides practical, values-based leadership development and mentorship to…

ELF Staff

The team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals

Our Programs

We use various active learning activities to create awareness on diverse issues

Message From The Founder

Greetings to you. Thank you for taking your time to interact with us at Emerging Leaders Foundation. If you are looking for a platform that nurtures, grows, and equips leaders to lead sustainable change in their communities, then you are at the right place. That is all we do, we equip young people with knowledge and skills to not just prepare them for the future but to also support them to create the future they want to see.

What Makes Us Different

What is different about us

Community service

We emphasize on service to community by all fellows in the program because we believe that when you teach you learn, and when you learn you must teach.

Personal touch

We are personally in touch with all our current fellows and alumni and this helps us to continuously support them and monitor their progress.


We link our fellows and alumni to high-impact events and forums nationally in Kenya and at the continental level through the African Union Youth Division.

All-rounded training

We train our fellows/ participants to be all-rounded individuals

Gender Equality

We focus heavily on women but we also work with men to redefine masculinity and help them to change their thinking and embrace partnership with women in leadership


We pair up mentees/fellows with mentors according to their areas of interest or need. The mentorship relationship is along gender lines but there are moments when we do group mentorship with both men and women.

The making of Leaders

Our Model

ELF is in the business of identifying polishing and supporting Africa’s Young leaders. We prepare them to shape the future of the continent through our three-step model:


01. Discover

We guide participants in reflecting and articulating narratives from their personal life journeys.

02. Connect

Establishing a connecton with people is the first step to having influence in many communites.

03. Impact

Leadership is about results. It’s about making a real tangible difference in the lives of communities.

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Are you a young man or woman with a desire for personal development and guidance in championing for positive change in your community? See more info on requirements for registration.

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These are just but a few differences to show that the youth are not a nameless, faceless mass as they have been treated. Portraying youth as a homogenous group fails to recognize their complexity. It may also be counterproductive to solving key global issues such as fragility, lack of meaningful work opportunities, inequity, and violence even with substantial youth leadership.
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The Good Politician

Lies, corruption, deceit and violence, these words punctuate the definition of a Kenyan politician, and this is putting it mildly. Honesty and decency have no place in the congested field of our politics. Infact, we have made peace with the fact that “politics is a dirty game.”  

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