A society anchored on values-based leadership and active responsible citizenship.

Empowered youth can create a movement of change makers across Africa

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The ‘Hustler’s Budget’: A Balancing Act or a Slippery Slope?


The ‘Hustler’s Budget’: A Balancing Act or a Slippery Slope?


I was allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.


Who We Are

We envision a world where young people in Africa actively participate in governance, the economy, and public affairs at all levels of society. Our mission is to empower, support, and accompany young women and men to achieve meaningful, dignified, and impactful participation in these areas.

We build leadership capacity by providing access to quality learning opportunities, mentorship, and supportive networks. Through life skills training, grounding in civic consciousness and responsibility, professional development, and practical exposure to the world of work, we offer platforms, tools, and linkages to help young people discover, inspire, and empower themselves and their communities.


Mission, Vision

Mission – To catalyze and promote a culture of responsive, inclusive, and accountable governance underpinned by values-based leadership and active citizenship

Vision – A just and dignified society anchored on values-based leadership and active responsible citizenship


Our Values

At ELF-Africa, we believe in empowering youth to drive positive community change through active engagement and collective action. Our core values shape all our endeavors.

Integrity: We can be trusted to keep our promises.

Servant Leadership: We approach leadership as a service to others.

African Dignity: We are proud of our identity, heritage, and humanity as Africans.

Partnership: We believe we achieve more and better results through collaboration.

Excellence: Only the best is good enough for Africa.

Equality: We believe in equality of opportunity and equality before the law for all.

Active Citizenship: We believe in a shared obligation to build a better society.

Our Story

In 2012, while attending a NEPAD meeting in Addis Ababa, our Founder, Caren Wakoli, recognized the urgent need to increase young women and men’s representation in decision-making spaces. This realization sparked the inception of the Emerging Leaders Foundation-Africa (ELF-Africa). Since then, we have trained 3000+ young people, who have, in turn, reached another 200,000 young people across the continent. Our Fellows, in Kenya alone, have started over 100 community initiatives.

Today, ELF-Africa personifies the conviction that responsive leadership and meaningful participation are essential for sustainable development. Our programs focus on governance, civic engagement, economic empowerment, and leadership development, ensuring that young people have the skills and support they need to lead transformative change.

At ELF-Africa, we envision a future where young Africans are at the forefront of driving positive change, creating a ripple effect of empowered communities across the continent. 

3 Programme Areas

Our flagship leadership development programme that seeks to equip young people with transformative leadership skills

Equip young people with skills to meaningfully engage in governance and policy processes across multiple spaces

Improve job readiness and enable young entrepreneurs to transition and thrive in the world of work across diverse sectors













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